Gong yoo dating lee min jung

His role in Gong Shim was like a cutesy but adorable guy that would make the audience think "Oh, this guy can act on a ROMCOM series well." Let's leave it that way.You always have the right to express your opinion about this drama. I still love this drama no matter what the plot is.

Yes, the plot was a little nonsensical, but I guess the main point is that, the producer wanted to remove the negative impression of Namgoong Min's character in the dramas Remember and The girl who can see smell.I like this drama specialy ♡ Ahn Dan Tai ♡ but Why you didn't mention the name of Go Na in the list of actors.He is the one who works in the shop under where they live, and he always saves the king meal for Ahn Dan Tai.super hilarious and at the same time so romantic!!! It contains the typical k-drama tropes but those can be ignored here because the core story is so compelling. I really recommend it I mean, who cares about the 15 age gap when the main lead looks like he just finished high school.With these skinny, fragile, underdeveloped korean male types that look like underage school students, it doesnt really matter what their age is on paper if they look like that. This is the first time I see Namgoong Min play in romance comedy.

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