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Then if they like that, they call you and say they want to fly you to New York to test.So I flew to New York, went into a room where it was the producers and Jordan, and I read with Jordan in the room.

I have been called a sellout before by one of my friends who's like not even in the acting world anymore.

Laura: I was already living in New York and had been the head writer for Jordan's special, "Jordan Klepper Solves Guns." I mean, Jordan's my husband. Jordan and I were writing partners and collaborators in Chicago for years, even before we were dating.

We met when we were touring together for the Second City, then we both quit touring and starting dating, and wrote a couple of shows together in Chicago.

It took me to a place where I could fully express myself and be myself even if I was being something else.

My school also had an improv troupe that you could audition for when you were a senior, and so I was in that. I remember I was getting ready to graduate, and I was like, She would totally come out to all my shows and support me —but every six months I would get a mailing of grad school catalogs for Ph D programs to be an English professor.

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