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Employees often attribute different characteristics to male and female bosses which can contribute to false assumptions, especially about women.

How people are perceived often depends on stereotypes people have about women, according to 2013 research by Dr.

If your boss is indeed intimidated by you, consider reflecting on the way you communicate.

Talking over others, speaking with a loud voice or standing too close to someone while talking are all behaviors that could intimidate colleagues or even your boss. Her areas of expertise are personal and career development. in sociology from the University of Mainz, Germany.

Intimidation in the workplace can be blunt and blatant or it can be subtle and surreptitious.

Fear is a natural and primordial reaction that is intended to warn us that the threat of bodily injury, for example, is imminent.You might come to a better understanding of your boss's demeanor.Double check with trusted co-workers to be sure whether or not you really intimidate your boss.It Comes From Everywhere Intimidation comes at us from many quarters – parents, teachers, schoolmates and even churches – but the workplace is where we are most likely to be fed a steady diet of The Big I.The typical business environment is an out-and-out incubator for intimidation.

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