How to handle intimidating

emergency telephones, with blue lights, are located in the tunnels and outside along designated pathways.

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The student may be causing difficulty in other classroom settings; your role in bringing this behaviour to the attention of the relevant University authorities is critical.

At Carleton University disruptive behaviour is an instructional offence.

As defined by the University Calendar, “any student commits an instructional offence who disrupts a class or other period of instruction if he or she: (a) is a registered member of the class or period of instruction; (b) is warned to discontinue any act or behaviour reasonably judged by the instructor of the course or period of instruction to be detrimental to the class, and having ignored such warning is ordered by the instructor to leave and refuses to leave.” Disruptive behaviour can also occur outside the classroom or period of instruction.

The term disruptive behaviour does not have a legal meaning and is used to refer to a broad range of behaviour which adversely affects another person’s reasonable expectation to live and learn and work in a safe and respectful environment.

It is essential that instructors be able to conduct classes without disruption and that students are able to attend and participate in classes without disruption and intimidation.

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