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Beyond those types of factors, the day-to-day ways you interact with your peers and your boss can go a long way toward solidifying positive relationships — or tearing them down.

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Hunched shoulders can indicate that someone is lying, Navarro says, and criminals will often target people who seemed more passive, which is often communicated by slouched shoulders.That way, you can be sure to avoid simple and all-too-common mistakes, or know how to fix them in the future.Here are five postures to avoid at all cost, and what they really say about you in the workplace. Inappropriate eye contact Eye contact is one of those things that can become a stumbling block because of how much it needs to be balanced."These people know the power that unspoken signals have in communication and they monitor their own body language accordingly," Bradberry writes in his post on Linked In.You might know that it makes sense to monitor your body language, but it's important to understand the messages you send when body language goes awry.

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