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Services & Amenities Lounge around or chit-chat in our re:mix open lounge.Work, play, and stay awhile in a vibrant setting abuzz with activity and energy.Sitting against a backdrop, Elzie answers the MTV reporter’s banal questions about whether gays really stare at other Marines in the showers.(The consensus here is that straight men are the ones sizing one another up.) Elzie talks about the response to his national coming-out.

Over the next three days, everyone started lightening up. “I don’t regret a thing.” If Elzie’s friends admire his courage, no one has lined up to follow his lead.

During the taping, a 21-year-old corporal named Darren walks in.

He looks like someone I might have seen at the Lucky Lady: 6-foot-4, broad-shouldered, a crew cut with sloppy bangs.

One night when the military was staking out the bar, Leonard let 123 Marines sleep in the basement.

Next morning, he drove to Hardee’s and bought biscuits for the whole bunch.

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