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He has invested in a few properties in Austin, Texas and hopes to make this a second career.

Jordan is known for his smooth and effortless styling, signature moves, and innovative and unique choreography.

He wants to take this opportunity to thank Tatiana for being such a great partner.

It hasn't always been a smooth ride, but it has been filled with so many memorable moments.

Jordan and Tatiana unofficially met the first day of class at Cheyney University.

She wants to Thank him for being the most amazing dance partner she could ever imagine and best friend she could ever have.

If Mollman, who competes in the classic division, should deliver a sub-par performance in Anaheim, while Cox and her partner finish first, Cox could take the lead for the first time ever in the individual race.

“That’s not likely,” said Cox, who grew up in Costa Mesa. Cox said she’s trying not to think about first place this year. “If you sell them confidence, they’ll buy it.” She has more confidence this year. In the past month, she started dating Jordan Frisbee. Frisbee is still Mollman’s dance partner, and they work out and travel with Cox and Dearborn.

Jordan popped the question on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

After Tatiana fell ill and was in the hospital, the couple realized life without each other is unfathomable.

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