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But his “Super Size Me”-like journey to see how performance enhancing drugs bettered his cycling led to a friendship with Rodchenkov, which inevitably became his movie.

As shown halfway through "Icarus," Fogel begins to realize through his Skype conversations with Rodchenkov that he’s a major player in Russia’s doping of its athletes. It turns out Rodchenkov is the director of the Moscow laboratory, the Anti-Doping Centre, which does the complete opposite on a daily basis of what its name says it does.

Bryan Fogel became one of the biggest success stories at Sundance in 2017, when his doping scandal documentary “Icarus” sold to Netflix for a staggering million (unheard of for a documentary sale).

And then on Sunday, it won the best documentary Oscar.

“So at Sundance we had a lot of [text] cards because we didn't have the time to put that together.” Also different from the Sundance cut, there’s now animation in the movie.

Many will likely connect the events in "Icarus" to the allegations that Russia interfered in the US 2016 presidential election. “You think to yourself, if they have been doing this to win gold medals and they had this entire laboratory that was basically a front for this spectacular criminal operation, is there any question what else they're capable of? “Whether they hacked our election or whether there was collusion, I think the writing is right there on the wall.

Since we’re approaching the 200 year anniversary of the first bicycle, we thought it would be a good time to get you all caught up with the last 2 centuries of two-wheeled history.

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“In a way, I would call it director’s jail.” But there was one thing that gave him comfort: cycling.It's a comedy about two friends navigating the Jewish and Gentile dating scenes.It became a surprise hit, with Fogel and Wolfson starring as the male leads during runs in Los Angeles, and then off-Broadway for three and a half years.“The movie has the same running time, but we lost 20 minutes of material that was in the Sundance cut, and replaced that with 20 minutes of material that is bringing this story together emotionally.Showing and not telling,” Fogel said, who adds that the story also now goes quicker into Rodchenkov’s story.

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