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It would become the Roman province of Assyria from 116 to 118 AD, but Hadrian's withdrawal from Assyria and its neighboring provinces in 118 AD did not mark the end of Roman rule in this region, there were further Roman activity in the region.

ISIL was driven out from the Assyrian villages in the Khabour River Valley and the areas surrounding the city of Al-Hasakah in Syria by 2015, and from the Nineveh plains in Iraq by 2017.

The churches that constitute the East Syrian rite include the Assyrian Church of the East, Ancient Church of the East, and Chaldean Catholic Church, whereas the churches of the West Syrian rite are the Syriac Orthodox Church and Syriac Catholic Church.

Both rites use Classical Syriac as their liturgical language.

The population of the Sasanian province of Asōristān was a mixed one, composed of Assyrians, Arameans in the far south and the western deserts, and Persians.

The Greek element in the cities, still strong during the Parthian Empire, ceased to be ethnically distinct in Sasanian times.

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