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The process can result in a string of failures, but — finally — a nod of the head, a raised hand or a look of understanding in- dicates the breakthrough. VP of Meredith & Grew, Inc., in Boston and is a member of the co.'s brokerage dept.... Bill previously was with the Transcript Newspaper in Dedham, where he was managing editor since '82. Dennis "Razz" Berry 15 George Street Wayland, MA 01778 Hi, gang.. As you read this, spring is surely upon us, so it seems right to start with a couple of wedding notes, even if a few months have passed since the actual event. A teacher-artist must, therefore, belong to the worlds of students and faculty, must be willing to see, comprehend and respect the student view. Ed Tul- iski has been promoted to VP at Harper Sur- face Finishing Sys., Inc., in CT. effort for all the co.'s prod- uct lines and will generate new product dev. Last summer Paul Mclssac married Lynn Holton in his home town of Plymouth, where the couple now reside.

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Another, often overlooked, hallmark of teaching artistry is the use of examination results to improve performance and build confidence — when it's all too easy to simply return papers and move on. I do not recall our exact words, but I remember his saying that no student was ever embarrassed in the process, that the professor seemed to believe that behind every wrong answer was a reason that deserved considerate discussion. The teacher's knowledge of having played some part in these events is both humbling and exhilarating. In the classrooms of teacher-artists a sub- ject is studied in depth, but students are also encouraged to broaden their interests and ike good parents, classroom artists strive to have their pupils surpass them. Like good conversation, it is enlivened by skill, originality, and a bit of theatrical flair. BOSTON COLLEGE MAGAZINE 33 We have learned from experience and from people like Gilbert Highet {The Art of Teaching), Louis Rubin {Artistry in Teaching) and others that great works of art are often created in the most difficult media; it is harder to shape marble than wax, but once shaped, it is lasting. He or she perseveres and moves forward, creating and utilizing new approaches. Heard news of another classmate who is working near me in Braintree.

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