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Album downloads can be pretty large, so if you're on wireless you should definitely try plugging directly in.

You can verify that your download is complete by right-clicking it and selecting Properties (or if you're on a Mac, by clicking it and choosing File Get Info).

The source of the problem is that a lot of older software can't handle FLACs with sample sizes greater than 16 bits or sample rates higher than 44.1k Hz.

We encourage artists to upload the highest quality sources they can get their hands on, and more and more tracks are 24-bit/96k Hz (what a great world we live in).

If the download stops again, or the speed is still slow, it could be that a firewall or other internet security tool is in the way. If that doesn't help (or simply doesn't apply), you might need to try your download using another internet connection -- some ISP's throttle the speed of large downloads, and the album downloads from Bandcamp (particularly the lossless formats) can be downright huge. All of these errors indicate the same thing: that the downloaded file is incomplete, probably due to a hiccup in your internet connection.

If you've been trying to download one of the larger formats like FLAC or ALAC and would like to try the download in a more compact, but still high-quality format like MP3, just click format again, and choose a new flavor. The solution is to try downloading the album again (if you paid for the album, click the link in your receipt from Bandcamp).

The size should match the file size indicated on the download page on Bandcamp.

If after re-downloading you still aren't having better luck even though the file sizes match, I ask: are you using an older version of Windows?

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" If you'd prefer to skip all this downloading and unzipping and importing altogether, consider installing our free mobile listening app.Or perhaps you just like strange noises and weird voices. In any case, simply click the button above to get started.If you’re using an i OS device like an i Phone or i Pad, keep this in mind.Rename the zip file to something simple (e.g., "") and try unzipping again.If that doesn't work, you may need to use another extraction tool (like 7-Zip or Zipeg) with better support for extended characters.

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