Magellan roadmate 760 updating maps

The unit has a jack for an external amplifies antenna.This is a solid unit with a large, bright touch screen, great speaker, easy to use controls, and an intuitive interface.The "repeat" button on the top of the unit provides an update of the most recent prompt at any time.Magellan says that the Road Mates are a descendant of the Hertz Never Lost® system where over 4 million drivers have enjoyed the ease and confidence of navigating their driving with Magellan GPS.The POI database in the Magellan 760 has been upgraded with nearly 7 million locations.Another new feature we can’t wait to try is an automatic night mode operation where the brightness of the display changes based on the time of day. The map display now provides the street number range for your current location which might be useful if you need to report a specific location in the event of an emergency.From a hardware standpoint, the major weakness is the supplied mounting bracket, which slips into a dashboard vent.It works, but any of the forthcoming mounting options would seem to be better choices.

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Also new onboard software for the Magellan Road Mate 760 is a service called Smart Detour (Smart Detour) which provides automatic rerouting in the event of traffic delays.They operate the same and differ only in how the map data is stored in the unit.The Road Mate 700 has all the data for North America pre-loaded on an internal hard drive; the 500 requires the user to load the desired data to a Compact Flash (CF) card. (There is also a difference in package contents -the 700 does not include the A/C adapter, USB data cable, and CF card found in the 500 package).The Road Mates are configured more like an "installed" unit -and not for the "GPS Enthusiast", since it has no way to record and download or upload waypoints recorded by other Magellan units.The supplied mapping data from Nav Tech seems fairly complete.

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