Mandating coverage for

I am not remarried and my husband would like to have a child together.

How do I go about selecting the correct policy for open enrollment and will this mandate apply to me since I had a tubal ligation years ago?

According to the section, infertility refers to the disease or condition that results in the abnormal functioning of the reproductive system, in which a person is unable to impregnate another person, become pregnant by trying to conceive with unprotected sexual intercourse after two years if the woman is younger than 35, or one year of unprotected sexual intercourse if the woman is 35 or older, or carry a pregnancy to produce a live birth.

The infertility insurance mandate requires insurers to cover the costs of the following: fertility tests and diagnostics, fertility medications, fertility surgery, in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer, artificial insemination, gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT) , zygote intra fallopian transfer (ZIFT), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and four completed egg retrievals per lifetime of the covered person.

The law's sponsors say the requirement keeps health insurance markets afloat.

Roughly 800,000 have insurance through the law and the expansion of Medicaid.

A financial counselor/insurance liaison at your clinic may also have insight.

I don't see anything in the NJ mandate limiting transfers. What if I had previously done IVF under a different plan & had frozen embryo's I wanted transferred under the new plan.

Coverage may vary depending on the tier you selected.

However, I do believe there are loopholes around the mandate when you have independent/private insurance or Obamacare.

New Jersey infertility insurance law was signed into effect in 2001.

Called the Family Building Act, the New Jersey fertility treatment insurance law states that any insurance policy that covers more than 50 people and provides pregnancy-related benefits must also cover the costs related to infertility diagnosis and fertility treatments. New Jersey fertility treatment insurance law clarifies the definition of infertility.

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