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It's funny to do these interviews and talk about the arc of my career -- there was no plan; I just went where things took me.

I would like to continue to work onstage periodically and do film. ] set and to have a sense of being that well taken care of. And yeah, it's got its darker themes and is grappling with some weighty stuff, but I also think it has a sense of ], which isn't exactly a barrel of laughs.

I also wouldn't rule out the possibility of doing another television show at some point, maybe something that was less open-ended, but maybe something open-ended if it wasn't another version of something I've already done. The play I'm doing now is a lot of fun, although it does deal with fundamental issues of the perils of relationships.

But it's absurd and hilarious, and getting that live feedback is invigorating.

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IGN TV: As the season has gone on and Rita and Dexter have grown closer, you've had some pretty intimate scenes.

Did you figure going in, "Okay, this is cable&#Array; We might end up doing some naughty stuff"?

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And the rest of the show showed a world and a character who were really I feel good in the sense that Dexter made a recognition about the way he lived his life and the way it had affected those closest to him, which inspires him to fake his own death and exile himself from the world.

The biggest thing is not being bound by the schedule of having to return again and again to the same TV show.

script and saw that my character killed someone in the first few pages.

It was a tough time to lose that, given that the fundamental construct of the show had been obliterated. I'm not saying it's an impossibility that someone else might come up with it.

I would like to continue working onstage periodically, but I want to keep a foot in all waters.

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