Moonlight dating sim 2

Mick comes to her rescue, using his vampire strength to overcome him.It is revealed that Mick has met Beth before; he saved her when she was a child from his ex-wife Coraline.To keep busy, Mick takes a case to find a young woman, while Beth works on a story about a possible serial killer who has relocated to Los Angeles.

Leni is placed in a safe house, but when Fayed's hitman arrives, she is forced to flee to the Mojave Desert.They find shelter in an abandoned motel, and Mick persuades Leni to call Beth.Realizing that Mick has experienced a prolonged exposure to sunlight and is near death, Beth rushes to his side and, overcoming her fear, allows him to feed off her just long enough to restore his life force. After being forced to feed on Beth's blood, Mick tries to avoid her.Spalding knows Mick is a vampire, and while incarcerated, has been planning to kill him.Beth's friend Julia writes a book about Spalding, portraying him as a great man, but Spalding kidnaps Julia and tells Mick that if he does not turn himself into the police, he will kill her.

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