Mtv dating show room raiders

During their own raids, the production crew found tons of illicit objects — from drug stashes to weapons.

It wasn't uncommon to find a gun underneath someone's pillow or in their sock drawer.

But we didn't know the guy would be going through our rooms like that." In other words, the show was fake — sort of. Watch the video below to find out whether or not is fake!

Iconic Moments From 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' That Were Fake All Along Are the 'Real Housewives' Shows Scripted?

Although the concept itself sounds entertaining enough, scrapping the idea to avoid a disastrous situation was probably for the best.

The full three-day shoot worked like this: Monday and Tuesday, the director would reach out to all the kids. We'd still not tell them what show it was." Michael Swanhaus, a showrunner who started at the end of season two added, "We left it really generic, like, 'We'd love to tell you, but for the element of surprise, it works best if we don't tell you if it's a show that's on MTV already or in development.' A lot of them would just be like, 'Okay.' As seasons went along, you got an idea of like, 'I’m going to be on MTV.' MTV used to be so different." However, Sara Nichols, a showrunner for first 66 episodes admitted that, as the seasons went on, it became "much harder to surprise people." In the same interview, Yuffie Bunny, a first-season contestant, confessed, "They had to give us some heads-up because we had to remove photos of ourselves, even as kids, because they didn’t want anyone to get an idea of what we might look like.

Instead of having the contestants exchange contact info at the end of the episode, the two of them would have a full-on sleepover as a part of their date.

MTV decided to pass on the idea of filming full-on reality TV hookups.

was originally pitched, the production team had a totally different ending in mind.After the teen's fake abduction was filmed, her dad came out with a gun strapped to his hip.The crew insisted his daughter was fine and there was no need for alarm — she was actually out getting breakfast. Although MTV's hit show is no longer on air, people are still wondering if the reactions from contestants were real or if it was all a sham. , which ran from 2003-2009, was every teen's guilty pleasure — it was silly, at times raunchy, and was on pretty much all the time.Me and my friend purposely left a few things out, like as a 'what-if.' The one anime or manga I had — the quote-unquote 'porn comic' under my bed — stayed out.

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