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The film is out now in selected cinemas and available to pre-order on i Tunes! H2e Yu Did you know the awesome @_April Pearson won Best Actress at the American Horror Film Festival for @Dark Beacon Movie?This tense horror also won Best Film and Best Cinematography! Tickets selling fast #Dark Beacon… BVXJ #Horror DARK BEACON in Cinemas 22nd March & on Digital Download 27th @Dark Beacon Movie @Green13Films @Film Label @_April Pearson @joncampling @Lynne ARodgers @tobyosmond @haider_zafar @Tom Paton Film @Leytonrocks @katathome1999 #Indie Film #Support Indie Film Dpnl61 #OPENING tomorrow is #The Case Of The Frightened Lady @The_Churchill a thrilling new chapter from #The Classic Thriller Theatre Company with an incredible cast including @Real Gray OBrien @Real Rula @_April Pearson can you figure out #whodunnit #bromley #theatre Jipzp X2bk @BKL_Productions brings The Case of The Frightened Lady here for one week only at the end of this month.April Janet Pearson is one of the successful English actress born on 23 January 1989. This young actress is top known for her position as Michelle Richardson in the E4 teenager play series, Skins.At just three years old, Pearson joined a theatre group, situated in Bristol.That is the original thing we did, rather than there actually being anything notionally or conceptually original about the show itself."The huge popularity of the series afforded the team an enormous sense of freedom - and if fans were taken aback by a first series finale that featured a surreal musical interlude, with the cast performing Cat Stevens's 'Wild World', then that was nothing compared to the dark and surreal turns that the show would take in its second series.Brittain cites the dreamlike episode 2.6 - which follows Tony on a most unusual university open day - as the purest example of how wild the show was allowed to be."I wrote that one, it was the second episode I'd written, and at the time, because the show was so successful, we had leeway to do whatever the f**k we wanted and no-one gave a shit."There's all sorts of strange shit going on...She was radiate after casting directors detained auditions at her school and her play educator recommended she go.

Even had a little man cry #Not Ashamed Recommended 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Films/st…

An exciting biography of her can be gain from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb.

Her various posts can be seen in Instagram and her twitter account.

just drove me crazy - they were aggressively promoting the notion of him as this virgin nerd... ["So I got to the first audition and I was really early so I sat down on the curb outside and there was a guy who was also waiting...

I was quite flirty when I was 17 and I was being all forward and bubbly... "Then we head inside and the auditions start and this guy gets introduced to me as Adam Smith, director of the second block of esque incident might seem like a good omen - but Pearson says that landing the part of Michelle was "a really long process" that involved at least eight auditions."They were trialling out which groups of people worked together and who had chemistry with who, so it was a long process, but the day I got the call from [producer] Chris Clough saying that I'd got the part was a good day!

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