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He was hauling a massive bag on his back, which he set down in front of me.

They were out digging bamboo shoots, which technically you’re not supposed to do—there are signs that say “50 rmb Fine For Cutting Bamboo Shoots”—but I guess that didn’t apply to him.

After arriving at the Ninghai train station, get a cab and tell the driver you want to go to the National Trail System, which is known as 宁海国家登山健身步道 — the Ninghai Guojia Jianshen Budao.

You’ll need to make clear that you want to go to the east part (the dongbu) (if you’re following my path).

If the driver doesn’t know where it is, tell him to take you to the foot of Dujuan mountain —杜鹃山脚, dujuan shanjiao.

Amersfoort is a beautiful city located in the middle of the country, which makes it the perfect city to discover the Netherlands. You can really feel the medieval city that was established in the 13th Century through the many monuments, little streets, canals and details.

Wild raspberries were growing on the side of the path (and the flavorless but safe lookalike ‘mock strawberry’), and more houses just kept coming out of the forest.

A bit further and I found this guy and his wife trundling up the path.

It means that three hours after getting on a train in Hongqiao, including a cab to the trail, you can be here — — and that you can do this whole thing in a weekend, or do a section of it as a day-trip, if you really push it.

(The last train from Ninghai to Shanghai leaves just after 7pm.) I’m gonna give a recap of the path I took, but really, there are a million ways to get in the trail system. All those little yellow guys doing the Running Man are trailheads.

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