Norway dating culture

They do not flaunt their wealth or financial achievements and look askance at those who do.A young woman with black hair stands in a house, speaking to a cam while dressing up for going out.

Of course there is the positive, its so much fun for us to learn about each others’ countries, languages and food. Terje is definitely the coolest guy I have ever met and life would stink without him.Imagine how hard is to call a place “HOME”, when you know nothing about it. if I was lonely and not married to the sexiest viking alive, I would probably do that.Thats why I decided to start this channel, to talk about things like bunads, wasa bread… It would be wonderful to teach people all the silly things I learned about these past months. I was smoking a cigarette outside my house and I came up with the idea, I really don’t remember how, but I guess it was somehow dedicated to people that have this “goal” of getting a foreign spouse and probably look online for things like “how to get a rich husband” “how to catch a gringo” hahaha. The day I uploaded the video I was thinking that cyber bullies were going to eat me alive for my retarded humor. But you know, I think most men in the world, regardless of their culture will like a friendly girl.The poet Aksel Sandemose put Jante Law into words and they convey an important element of Norwegian culture: humility.Jante's Law teaches people to be modest and not 'think big'.

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