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Chanel denies this, but Cathy, believing that Chanel wanted Melanie out of the way to take the sorority for herself, as well as her plans to take down KKT, started with revoking its charter.Gigi Caldwell arrives in the room, introducing herself as a lawyer and saying that Cathy cannot revoke the charter and apologizes.The next day, while at the Barista the Chanels discuss new ways to torture the pledges, until Boone comes up and asks Chanel to not tell anyone he is gay because he will get kicked out of the Dollar Scholars and also threatens that if she does tell or if anyone finds out he will join the Kappa Kappa Tau (since anyone can join now), but Chanel #5 is furious with Boone's announcement, while Chanel sees it as a way to become famous if she became the first person to allow a gay guy in the female sorority, despite Chanel #5's pleas to not allow it to happen.Later that night, Chanel continues to haze the girls but writing obscenities on their stomachs, until she comes to Zayday and reveals that she needs to retrieve white eyeliner from her room.Unknown to Chanel, the Red Devil had turned the fryer on, when Chanel decided to drown Ms.

While discussing a plan to get rid of the body, Hester Ulrich walks in and reveals her interest in "death" and how to dispose of the body properly, however Chanel ignores her help and decides to take Chanel #2's body in the freezer instead.Red Devil Melanie Dorkus Pete Martínez (deceased)Boone Clemens (deceased)Thad Radwell (deceased)Brad Radwell (deceased)Muffy Radwell (deceased)Bunny Radwell (deceased)Tad Radwell (deceased)Ingrid Marie Hoffel (deceased)Wes Gardner (deceased)Green Meanie Chanel Oberlin is the main protagonist of Scream Queens.She is the former president of Kappa Kappa Tau, later alongside Zayday Williams.They make the girls clean the sorority house's floor with toothbrushes, but Chanel is unhappy with Zayday's lack of effort to use soap.Grace offers to get some from the basement, causing her to discover a locked secret door, but she is stopped by Chanel #5.

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