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Overall prostitution is spread across the town in apartments and streets. Street prostitutes are mostly not very pretty, but girls who work in brothels or escort services can be stunning hot!Most escort girls who work in Macedonian brothels and private apartments are mainly from Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova and Russian speaking countries. The people there start sitting at , real drunk action starts at -.

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This is about those women who get off on being used. I want to see these pathetic fucking whores put back in their place by Males, the superior gender! If you write feel free to post your own erotic stories, if you just like to read the stories feel free to join just to read.

Police have lately cracked down some brothels and also also managed to get rid of the street prostitution almost completely.

Bit Pazar in downtown Skopje, is where Albanians live as a majority of the population and represents a red-light district in Skopje. However there is no official Red-light district in Skopje like the ones in Germany and Amsterdam with window girls.

Using a car to find girls is much safer than finding them with foot especially at the night time.

You can also use a taxi and then bring a girl to your place and taxi driver can negotiate the price if the girl does not speak english.

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