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If not, it provides (free) suggestions for how to get your investments where you need them to be.

This You Tuber demonstrates why flame arresters — devices put on lines that allow gas to flow through them but stop when there is a possibility of fire or explosion — are an important precaution when containing biofuels, even when the risk is quite low.

Some Instagram users are at particular risk of sim hijacking, where a hacker takes control of their phone number and uses that to break into accounts.

Now, Instagram is pushing towards app-based authentication, which should make the hackers' job harder.

Its functions were derived from the Broadcasting Act 1990 and the Broadcasting Act 1996 - it: The Radio Authority licensed and regulated the independent radio industry in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Broadcasting Act 1990. It planned frequencies, awarded licences, regulated programming and radio advertising and played an active role in the discussion andformulation of policies which affected the independent radio industry and its listeners.

The Radio Authority was a statutory corporation which raised the cost of its own expenditure directly from the broadcast radio industry; and raised revenue for the Treasury from holders of national radio licences The 1954 Television Act established commercial television and set up the ITA.

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