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These are intentional erasures, a de-rooting of the work’s time-and place orientation.

They lead directly to the third departure, which is from the world of Nature, the unspoiled, verdant one that is so memorably extolled by Gurnemanz and of which Parsifal, like Siegfried (another perfect fool) is at the outset a native inhabitant, a specimen of its fauna.

We pride ourselves on preparing excellent British and European cuisine.

All of our freshly made dishes use ingredients that are sourced locally.

The displacement is largely in the set and the projections.

In Acts 1 and 3, there will be no change of scene from glade or meadow to temple, and the projections will only make us wonder where we are.

A very relaxed atmosphere with friendly attentive staff.

The menu has brilliant classics like Beef Stroganoff , Sea Bass, Burgers, Salad Option (halloumi) , and a curry (vegan option). I had the lamb kebab to start and the side feta & mint yoghurt salad was amazing , as was the kebab.

Kundry herself takes the Grail from its shrine and holds it aloft before handing it over to Parsifal—a real glass-ceiling-breaker there—before dying.

Popped into Dynasty just before Christmas for a last minute dinner out.

I have walked past a couple of times and must admit the name and signage initially put me off but thought lets have a go. I hope this place continues to be supported as it is nice to have some variety in town and I will be encouraging friends and family to try too. In a Christmas party of about 12 people on a weekday, perhaps expecting a nice rare piece of roast beef was over optimistic.

A second departure is the pandating and displacement of the action.

The pandating is, as usual, done mostly with costume, which is contemporary but generic enough to cover us for at least the seventy-five years just past and, I suspect, the seventy-five now to come.

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