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In other words as the person keeps feeling good while seeing those images they usually turn into signals that motivate that person to smoke more.

After sometime the smoker can crave smoking as soon as he sees on of those images because they remind him of the pleasurable feelings he gets when he smokes.

I see "not so attractive" women with really nice looking men all the time.

I guess it's all in your perception of what's attactive and what isn't.

i too have been w/several power hungry women thats y i decided to umm leave them alone for awhile and just find me afew play mates but then i dont know some of these women i think dont know what a play mate is lol baby doll this one knows what a playmate is,. i'm a very independant person, and men claim they like that, then when SOME of them find out you really don't NEED them, they dont' like it.

women do crave power lmao and thats y they get w/the ones w/the money cause they know he is prob gonna b working all the time and someone has to spend the money lmao!!!!just hang on with me and everything will become clear.Yes those ugly looking images can motivate some people to smoke even more.I can say this because I've had guys interested who were loaded and I just couldn't do it because there was no chemistry, and I'm all about the chemistry.Then again things are made easier for me because being a single mom tends to scare guys off.

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