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You can knock out a bad guy with one punch from behind, while rocks are good for silent, ranged kills--neither is as powerful as the pistol or rifle, though, which will alert nearby enemies to your presence.

Add this to the game's mild stealth elements, and you get some pretty interesting strategic combinations.

Here's the basic, as-spoiler-free-as-possible rundown on Sahara.

Mc Conaughey's character, crackpot adventurer Dirk Pitt, is on a quest to find the Texas, an old Confederate ironclad that disappeared into the Atlantic during the Civil War.

Simply put, Sahara is one of the best movie-licensed mobile games you can download.

The action adventure gameplay is built on an augmented version of the engine Gosub 60 used in OP15 several months ago, and it works better than ever.

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In OP15, you were able to pilot a tank, but Sahara adds jeeps and boats to the mix, too, and uses them effectively.

For instance, the primary objective on one level is to keep your boat in one piece as you sail upriver and fight off baddies.

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