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I have been in and out of hotels, traveling but by far, THISONE WAS THE WORST!

Oh not to mention, it was other guest complaining about their rooms!

According to franchise leaders, the company currently has 25 hotels under development at this time.

Currently, the company has 111 franchises and 84 company-owned locations.

I don’t don’t tnink this place is ran right ,it wasn’t right either when Nicole was here but none of that would have went on.a got beat up yesterday and another guest was walking through with me, t he poor girl asked Tawanna to call the police because her boyfriend beat her up ,tawanna asked for why she still with him girl said this was the first time and can she call .

Tawanna said no, I just walked away .i could not believe her.

The company has expansion plans, with a 124 room hotel that opened in early 2016 in Louisiana, and plans to open 30 more hotels over the next two years.

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But every time I say something he gets mad and talk about kicking me out .i mean if I really could afford a lawyer I would and I would show my name I cant so that’s why mold in thi s hotel it sure is, im just waiting to get diagnosed so I can get a check.Her name is Gretchen and she is the rudest employee I’ve dealt with in regards to working with customers.I have been here for over 6 months but will be leaving this hotel now because of her bi**hy attitude and things she says under her breath.Today, I was hatefully door pounded at AM demanded payments or to vacate. I CAN NOT FATHOM OR UNDERSTAND WHY A GOOD PERSON – Who is quite and respectful has to suffer such belittling, demeaning, hostile treatment from a HOTEL Operation and ITS RUDE HATEFUL STAFF. The only person that knows what they are doing and does there job well is Christie Bolden she is very sweet.Then again harassed at ~11AM via phone to pay or get out. This place is disguisting Reply I don’t understand how you are still in business especially after reading the complaints. I made the mistake of renting a room for a month at your Colorado Springs, Airport Crk Pt location and what a big mistake it was.

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