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If your ex moved away in order to make contact difficult, that would be a major factor in ordering her to do at least half of the journey. Best regards Harjit Sarang Best Solicitors LLP I split with my ex 6 years ago and we have a 7year old son together, i have ben in contac with my son for the last 2 tears on the condition from my ex that my wife has no involvment in the arragments, my wife and i have 4 boys together and my ex is ok for them to all meet.Equally, if you chose to move away without a good reason, the court may not sympathise with you. i am sick of the situation and my sons are asking why mummy cant go on days out with all of them.You say that you have been having contact with him for the past two years presumably with no issues.

I’ve tried negotiating but she’s just pushing for more and mediation hasn’t helped either. The court will look into the journey by taking into account the impact on the children such as an early start or late travelling, the costs to both of you, the interruption in quality contact time and the overall impact on each of you.If you believe that his current school is not able to meet the child’s needs than you may need to formally raise this by asking for a review of his statement.You may also want to seek the assistance of your local parent partnership organisation that will be able to give you more detailed advice.And if I am at all culpable for reading and recording the dialogue. My first question must be what your son’s statement of special educational needs states and what school the education authority believes is able to meet your son’s needs.I presume your son must have special educational needs as a result of attending a specialist school rather than mainstream.

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