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All you need to make this is one pair of flip flops, a package of clear elastic (which you can buy from most fabric stores and hobby shops) and a rubber-based adhesive, such as E-6000 or Goop.

Attach an elastic strap to points about one inch from where the flip flop side straps attach to the sole. My daughter wore her invisible-strapped flip flops more than a dozen times before the elastic stretched a bit and we had to replace the strap.

The extra space can alleviate swollen feet and allow the use of several custom orthotics on top of the factory insole.

Check out our AFO buying tips, shoes that work well with AFOs, How to adapt flip flops and more so you’re not sitting in a shoe storm in a steamy sweat surrounded by 30 boxes of shoes as your toddler screams and all those people stare at you. Learn more about Plae Shoes and orthotics Answer 2 Shoes for AFOs – Designed to look like traditional shoes, yet, accommodate AFOs, DAFOs and orthotics. Drew Bloom II – Footwear designed with twice the toe room of a traditional shoe.

Up until this summer that was something she could only dream about.

Because of spasticity in her right foot, caused by her cerebral palsy, flip flops are nearly impossible for Anna to wear.

I am graduating college soon and need to find professional shoes or boots for interviews/work. For work, I wear shoes without a heel, that have a strap to hold it onto the shoe. Kathleen Hi Kathleen, The Helios are too wide to go any further into the sandal, no matter how much they stretch, they won't slide forward too much.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of specific shoes that are accommodating or know of any specific stores that sell them. (So, for example, a flat with a strap around the ankle.) I usually need to go up a couple of sizes to get the AFO inside. No heel, and they need to zip all the way down and not be too sharp of a 90 degree angle when they go from the leg to the front of the foot, so that I can get the AFO inside. You can get these anywhere, but it takes a lot of trying on of different shoes to find the ones that can work. I can only upload 4 photos, so I'll post another one with some other options. One of a pair of boots, one of a shoe by Naot (less fashionable, but designed to work with orthotics, so perhaps more practical), and one showing how braces work with sandals by Franco Sarto. Diane Thank you, Diane - this info and the pics are VERY helpful. Unfortunately, I already have large feet (size 11) so it is hard to just buy larger shoes. Also, if you're looking for boots, the fuzzy, comfy ones (like Uggs, or imitation) work great too, as long as you get them a little bigger so the Helios fit inside. Diane Thank you so much for all of the info and tips they were very helpful!

Hatchbacks -A line of shoes designed specifically to address the needs of children wearing AFOs, DAFOs, and orthotics.I'm not sure why the platform would cause stress on the foot plate, but I'd like to hear more about that, if you don't mind--just so I don't do damage to my AFO without realizing it!Thanks, Diane I looked closer at the design of yours and my current afos are different.I've also been able to wear a Dansko shoe (like the Sonnet) that's a platform. I didn't know you could buy a shoe stretcher I have found that often the shoe will fit the AFO but then be too tight and uncomfortable so that will be helpful. I bought these sandals in 3 colors and wore them all summer long. People thought the braces were some new fashionable style to the shoe! It is really nice to talk to people who are going through the same thing and understand!You might want to buy a shoe stretcher because sometimes, even buying the shoe a couple of sizes bigger isn't quite enough to make the brace fit comfortably. I leave the stretcher in overnight and the shoe is more comfortably fitting by morning. I have tried many boots but the back heel is usually so stiff it doesn't fit the AFO or if it's wide it doesn't hold my foot In place and slides out. And I would love to see some pictures of your shoes if you don't mind! I went to Macys yesterday and actually found a pair of flats that worked and wore them today for thanksgiving!

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