Siberian ice maiden carbon dating

The fifth skeleton, that of a headless adult, was so poorly preserved as to be practically unrecoverable.

It was found immediately on top of the two adolescents, who were buried together in a head-to-head fashion in the middle of an apparently abandoned circular dwelling structure "(Hitchcock).

Professor Konrad Spindler of Innsbruck University speculated that the tattooing could have been ornamental, or that it might have been used for magical purposes or to denote social status.

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In the laboratories of the Geological Institute of RAS, Gronningena universities, Oxford and Arizona the findings have been investigated, including radiocarbon analysis, the results of which indicate that the settlement Sungir existed sometime between 20 thousand to 29 thousand years ago." Interesting it seems that the knowledge was shared with archaeologists outside of the Soviet Union, but to me that seems to further indicate the bonds all archaeologists share even against persecution, that of the desire to examine the past. Well, the burial remains found were truly extraordinarily.What is known though is that around 30,000 years ago, these inhabitants all died of uncertain circumstances. Perhaps someday their story will be finally finished, or perhaps not though. Now, the most intriguing aspect about these burial remains was not actually the remains themselves, but the burial goods and personal effects found with them.In particular, the two adolescents and the 60-year old male, were decorated with thousands upon thousands of beads.

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