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This is an Austrian Railways (BB) sleeper train, with sleeping-car, couchettes & seats.The sleeping-car has 1, 2 & 3 bed compartments with washbasin, plus three deluxe compartments with 1, 2 or 3 beds plus private shower & toilet.The sleeper berths come fully made up with sheets and duvets, all sleeper passengers get mineral water in the evening and a light breakfast served in their compartment next morning.

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From Vienna to Budapest by Austrian Railjet train...From Munich to Budapest by Railjet: Railjet trains have 1st & 2nd class plus a small Business Class area where seats cost 15 more than regular 1st class and a complimentary welcome drink of tea, coffee or wine is included. There's a bistro-restaurant car and a cafe-bar, an attendant will take food orders at your seat in 1st & Business classes.See the Railjet page for more information about Railjet.From London to Brussels by Eurostar: See the Eurostar page for photos & information on Eurostar, check-in arrangements.From Brussels to Cologne by Thalys: Thalys trains have 1st & 2nd class and a cafe-bar, all seats have power sockets and there's free Wi Fi. See the Thalys page for more photos & information about Thalys From Cologne to Vienna by Austrian Railways Nightjet train....

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