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If towns own their network, important decisions that affect cost, coverage, and net neutrality and privacy policies will be under local control, not dictated by multinational corporations.Most of our towns do not have the resources to manage a network.As we look to make that decision, it’s instructive to review some history.

A quarter of all members are now in that age range.

The Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) originally said it would pay 40% of the cost and build a regional broadband network to be owned and operated by Wired West. Since then, the MBI now requires towns to individually own their networks.

The state is , to be owned by the individual towns. Our current lack of broadband shows that we are not profitable enough for private providers. Private companies are primarily responsible to their owners or shareholders, not to their customers, and could sell the network at any time.

Even healthwise, medical studies show that people who are in a relationship tend to be healhier and live longer than those who aren't.

The appeal of online dating is that the old standby, hanging out in bars, has been co-opted by a much younger demographic.

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