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Nebraska tests put it about 16 PTO hp and about 15 hp on the draw bar. , it engages smoothly and does not slip when under load any ideas?? Thanks a lot Richard Simi Valley Ca Strathearn Museum. just needs front tires and paint and its ready to go. I understand if the serial # has just B stamped without anything behind it, it denotes double front wheels. I have a restored B with new tires,stearing wheel,muffler,seatcover,new paint. I have a 1946 B with rear cultivator and have added a hydraulic system that runs off the auxilliary side of the PTO, New paint and tires, starter and generator, runs great. I made an unslung power takeoff to and fabricated brackets to fit the old B. I mowed my 3 acre yard with it for 4 years before the old B died. I could of drivin that tractor all day and night, I could'nt get enough... N.turner look at your serial # on the left side under your seat once you find it match it up with these serial # and dates (501-6743-1939) (6744-41499-1940) (41500-80738-1941) (80739-96389-1942) (no official production 1943) (96390-113217-1944) (113218-146699-1945)(146700-182963-1946)(182964-198298-1947) (200001-220829-1947)to SCRANY; I am also a "beginner".

No water pump on these tractors, most used thermo siphon to move water. I have a Farmall BN for sale--10 years ago spent 00 rebuilding and 8 years ago another 800 (paint ect)runs great--was using for mowing 3 year ago--Belongs to mother in law--she's 91--wants to sell tractor to good home__did i say she was 91?? I'm looking for a good used Farmall B preferably a 1940 to restore I'm in Ca. Please send pictures or e-mail information to damit2hel at or call 209-368-3275Is anyone interested in buying a 1945 B ? I have not seen a B with only one wheel Caleb I take it you were asking me your question. Equiped with full set of wheel weights, pulley-power take off, starter but no lights or generator. I took the B to a salvage yard and kept the mower and adapters in hopes of finding another old B to put it on. The gas in the gas tank has turned to black gummy yuk. I checked BINDER books and ordered a reproduction owners' operating manual from them.

For those interested Value Built can supply about any part for it (nothing is cheap) The engine has wet sleeves, new sleeves, pistons and rings are about 0 at value built. Does anyone know if parts are still available for it? My father bought a new B in 1940 which also had 2 front wheels. WE NEED TO PURCHASE 2 SEATS,2 SETS OF SPRINGS & 1 FLOORBOARD & 2 UPRIGHT BRACKETS. I thought that it looked too good to be that old, but on the other hand, some of us look too good to be this darned old too. Didn't think I wanted it but I had a 72" Kubota belly mower that I had traded for. I was less then ten years old easily, sitting on mamaw's lap raking hay, I'll never forget that.How do you get beckys pendandant I've tried everythin.. This tractor is very much like the Farmall A, except the engine is in the middle instead of offset to the left.I am currently living in Minneapolis but my Grandfather started his farm in Manitoba and my father currently farms in Saskatchewan.My father is in the process of selling his farm and his father s my grandpa s tractor was a 1939 Farmall B which he still has.

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