Summer and chase love in the wild still dating

And we’ve got some great news for you—your wish is about to come true!Soon enough, you’re going to meet a guy who will show you exactly why it never worked out with anyone else.And that’s always felt like a win-win situation for you—until recently.This year, you’ve been feeling like you need something real.

You get to have fun and avoid all of the expectations that come along with a real relationship.Right now, you’re probably thinking very seriously about what you want the next year of your life to look like. Do you want to get accepted to your dream school, move up the ladder at your job, travel the world, pick up a new hobby, or lose a few pounds? You may have a couple goals for the next year, but you might also be hoping that a few other good things will come your way in 2018.If you’re like many other single people, you’re probably hoping that you’ll meet someone special next year!Aquarius guys, you are not always relationship types.You are fiercely independent, and you don’t want to compromise any aspect of your life for someone who expects you to change.

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