Teisco serial number dating

The pickguard was two-part, with one large piece under the strings and a little extension on the lower bout for knobs and jack.These had three single-coil pickups, usually the chunky, metal-covered kind with a black insert and exposed poles, although some have smaller oval metal covers with exposed poles, all controlled by three on/off rocker switches above the strings.

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Classics What most of us know as the classic ’60s Teisco line began in 1964.

Occasionally, you may see plain Teisco logos from this period with the crown in the background, but no Del Rey.

Del Rey, of course, is Spanish for “of the king,” which explains the crown.

Teisco Del Rey In 1964, the company name changed again, this time to Teisco Co., Ltd.

At some point in ’64 the Japanese Teisco logo changed from the circle Swan-S to a stylized, modern sans-serif type set in an italicized T shape.

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