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I couldn’t believe how far she would list, it was impossible to walk straight. My doors kept opening and slamming shut when we would change the way we leaned.They had sides they pulled up at the tables and put wet fabric of some type that kept the dishes and glasses from sliding off.

I and two other C/M’s, Anatole Basil Kowalchuk and Donald E.

It was the experience of my lifetime at the age of nineteen.

Our duties were confined to the bridge and environs and we had little or nothing to do with the passengers.

It is so terribly sad even to see the SS United States sitting in Philadelphia rotting away waiting her fait even though she was bought by NCL they seem to be beating around the bush.

There never was and there never will be again cruise ships as beautiful as these two were.

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    You may sometimes feel a sense of inadequacy, because you just can’t seem to help them with this – and that’s when it’s important to remember you can’t always change someone but you can offer them support.

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