Theta talk dating service

Theta Healing can help you address the emotional and psychological stresses and negative beliefs and programs that may be impacting your physical wellbeing.Therapist and Intuitive Reader from the mid 1980's to mid 1990's.Many people do not yet realise that their emotions and beliefs have a direct impact on the physical state of their body.It is not just what we eat and drink or the environment around us that affects our physical well-being, but also what we think and say to ourselves and others on a daily basis.

Practitioner has helped you identify the root belief, they will then use the Theta Brainwave to go the Energy of All That Is, and command and witness an instant change to that belief. the observation that this belief has been changed, is the key to the success of Theta Healing.

They use it to improve their daily personal and work lives, and some have even gone on to become Theta Healing Practitioners and Theta Healing Trainers.

When you use Theta Healing, you connect to Universal Consciousness, the Energy of All That Is, using the Theta Brainwave.

The more you use it, the more you develop your conscious awareness of the day to day things around you, as well as your unconscious consciousness of the intangible world.pathy and other coaching and alternative therapy related backgrounds have found Theta Healing to be a natural extension to the skills that they already have.

They have easily incorporated the Theta Healing technique into their work with fantastic results.ents, Mums, Dads and many, many people from all walks of life have learned Theta Healing.

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