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Within two business days after you're connected, we'll let you know if your organization is approved and send you an email to grant you entry to our Nonprofit Member Portal. To connect now, click the Connect with Stripe button below. Our system aims to implement a strong security that keeps your real time data (live video chat, audio calls, text chat, file transfer) and your communication with Internet of Things devices safe from cyber criminals, industrial espionage and patrolling government agencies.

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is dedicated to the philosophy that medical attention combined with peer support in the case of illness, disorder or condition, both physical and/or mental, helps to make the healing process more attainable.

Understandably, the first question was: why should anyone switch to a completely new topology from the well tested client-server paradigm? [Read More] Security and discovery are two major system requirements in Internet of Things.

Decentralized peer-to-peer computing could address both. Public/private key cryptography (PPKI) is a natural element of most decentralized systems.

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If this EIN is not in the Guide Star database with 501(c)(3) Public Charity status, it will not be found in this search.

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