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Engineer Lindell still seems nostalgic for his fixed income trading days in 1990s Sweden, when JP Bank ruled the roost of local government bond trading markets – the bank, which no longer exists, was then the largest fixed income trading house in Sweden, eclipsing all of the well-known banking groups.

“There was a big demand for macro analysis,” says Lindell, who recalls how the Fed’s 1994 rate hikes wrong-footed many players.

This was an exciting time to be trading government debt, and to this day traders still regale each other with tales of how they could have (and sometimes did) choose to retire early from the profits they made out of overnight interest rates that touched 500% in 1992 as Sweden’s Riksbank haplessly tried to defend the Swedish krona’s ERM membership.

Soros may be legendary for making a billion from shorting the pound sterling at this time, but Lindell recollects a less well-known story of how Soros, Moore, and others made an early, and accurate, move into Swedish government debt – on the long side.

Although IPM does not deliberately trade against the market consensus, contrarian trades can be a consequence of IPM’s process.

Some systematic macro managers (such as QFS and FX Concepts), that shut down in 20, have explicitly made blanket statements that they do not think recent financial market conditions are conducive to a systematic fundamental macro strategy, or have tried to argue that their woes are symptomatic of an industry-wide malaise.

The Stockholm-based group, who we visited in March, is attaining its refreshingly realistic targets for risk-adjusted returns.

Whereas many hedge funds now combine fundamental and technical signals, and blend systematic with discretionary strategies, IPM clearly defines its approach as purely systematic, and purely fundamental.

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