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The design of the warehouse space should be planned to best accommodate business service requirements and the products to be stored/handled.

The economics of modern commercial warehouses dictate that goods are processed in minimal turnaround time.

You can update it by selecting Read the Warehouse Catalog from the Actions menu.A wide range of storage alternatives, picking alternatives, material handling equipment and software exist to meet the physical and operational requirements of the warehouse.Warehouse spaces must also be flexible to accommodate future operations and storage needs as well as mission changes.Examples include accelerated tax write-offs in the 1980's, which enabled speculative construction of much larger buildings; again 1980's federal regulations to permit much larger over-the-road trucks, which required commensurate changes to site space given over to truck space; local real estate market prices, which often makes it economically attractive for companies to relocate much of their corporate back office space at their regional distribution center; increasingly tighter environmental and permitting processes, which leaves the market to the larger developers, resulting in usually larger projects; and the reclamation of former "brownfields" industrial sites for either new industrial or other uses.Warehouses must be designed to meet all local building, fire, and life-safety codes.

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