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Most haze is caused by coal-fired emissions from power plants.

Medium and high levels of fine particle concentrations are a strong indication that poor visibility is due in large part to pollution.

They can be emitted directly into the air during any process involving burning or combustion, including activities around the home (e.g.

cooking, smoking, space heating, and open burning) and those involving motor vehicles, various engines, power plants, and other such sources.

Black carbon (BC) is one of the many components of fine particles.

It is similar to soot and is emitted directly into the air from virtually all combustion activities.

Curtailment of chemical pesticides and success of nest boxes have helped peregrines recover.

Fine particles, also called particulate matter (PM), are a mix of microscopic solids and liquids.

They also come from the evaporation of fuels and household and industrial solvents.

This variety of gasses and direct particle emissions results in a mixture of fine particles with different sizes, chemical properties, and health and environmental impacts.

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