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It is responsibility-shirking taken to its logical conclusion in the information age, a place where, at any one time, you can log on and ask an assortment of strangers to pontificate on your life or alternatively play puppet master with other people's dilemmas. Rowing couples can post their sides of a specific argument on the site and users will adjudicate on who is right and who is wrong. Confess that your wife's inability to stack the dishwasher correctly riles you, and Side Taker users will tell you whether you are being unreasonable and what you should do to remedy the situation (for the record, according to the site you are petty and if it annoys you that much, show her how to fill it properly).

Recent Yahoo gems include "what drink gives you the most powerful belches? The one thing these sites have in common is a reliance on user input, and when it comes to their effectiveness as decision-making tools, that is their downfall.

While mankind waits for Hunch to shoulder responsibility for its decisions, there are other sites to turn to. Hot topics here include "can you remember what you had for dinner two days ago?

Like Wiki which, earlier this year, announced that its users had asked their ten millionth question. That depends on whether you are comfortable letting the kind of person who asks "what is the body for? " and who admits "I recently committed a serious crime, what should I do? Wiki Answers is popular but it's no oracle, you can't help but feel that behind it there is an army of teenagers, cramming GCSE homework and hoping someone can tell them the names of the three types of tree that grow in the African rainforest. " and "if I defecated on my desk, how long would it take for the bacterial to cover the whole surface? Place responsibility for your actions in the hands of users and be prepared for the consequences.

That give and take is really the whole point of Hunch: to let many people benefit from the knowledge and cognitive work of others, to help people make smart, concrete decisions." Fake, one of the founders of image-sharing site Flickr, admits she is unsure of Hunch's ultimate potential.

"I anticipate users will surprise us by doing things with the software we don't expect." So what can we expect when Hunch opens its doors to the general web populace?

But we are increasingly fragmented so we are trying to reinvent community, for the most part unsuccessfully, on the internet.

If you are looking at a site for guidance on whether or not you should believe in God, and that site has employed 1000 professors of theology to go through the branches of questioning, then it is credible.

So it's no wonder people have sought to delegate decision-making and shirk their responsibilities since the dawn of time.

It provides recommendations on topics like health, finance and "what kind of rock band will I like? It even guides users through decisions like "Should I believe in God?

" to an answer based on their individual beliefs and theological views.

If you want to know whether you could fight a bear and win without putting your life in danger, Hunch has the answer.

You can also find out if you are smarter than Sarah Palin (almost certainly) and discover what martial arts weapon is best for you. Answers was wearing a T-shirt printed with the words "I'm with stupid", the arrow on the apparel would be pointing to Answerbag.com, a repository of stupidity, stocked by stupid people answering stupid questions.

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