Who are james and oliver phelps dating

In 2012, they starred in A Mind's Eye, a short documentary film based on the philosophical ideas of Plato.

The brothers have also been involved in the Harry Potter Exhibition; they were present during its 2009 official opening in Chicago, and have since followed its tour around different cities and countries to promote it. In January 2014, both went to the Harry Potter Celebration in Orlando, Florida, with Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis, and Devon Murray. The twins support rival football clubs in Birmingham.

Earlier in the day, Roxanne was seen in York Town Centre pulling a prank for her radio show that saw her pretend to cry to see how many members of the public would come to her aid.

Roxanne played Jo Sugden in the ITV soap Emmerdale from 2005 to 2009 but recently announced plans to retire from acting to pursue a career in radio.

They opened one of the charity's specialist units in Birmingham and have continued to support the charity since.

The twins also make public appearances in support of music and sports.

The corporation could be left with a bill of up to £5million after the case dragged on for so long.

No charges were ever brought against the 77-year-old and he was today awarded £210,000 in damages.Outside of acting, James has worked as a runner on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and other film productions, such as The Da Vinci Code.In 2009, the twins appeared as brothers in the fifth episode of the third season of the TV series Kingdom.Currently, they spend time in the US and back home in the UK.In January 2003, the twins planted trees at the National Forest, in Leicestershire.

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