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Another interesting thing is that all of these superstars are dating or are married to women who are out of their league, women who are so beautiful that one would wonder if all the hot girls are attracted to wrestlers.Here is a list of the current superstars and the unbelievable women in their lives.The game comes with all your favorite superstars, including The Rock, The Big Show and Trish Stratus.Each of them has their famous introduction just like you remember from TV wrestling shows, including the fireworks and posing.If you want to participate in the ring yourself, you can use the Create a Wrestler feature to make up to 16 characters of your choice.WWE Raw download PC game comes with three different game modes – exhibition, king of the ring and title matches.This may spell trouble for their relationship once the honeymoon phase is over.

When you get tired of playing alone, you can enjoy multiplayer fighting with several other players.We haven’t seen Demi Lovato this happy since she and her long time lover Selena Gomez broke up over a year ago.However, from Alexa Vega’s jawline I can tell that she is “the man” in the relationship, a role usually occupied by Demi.Although the game is a bit older, it supports joystick control.The sound is an essential part of the game as it completely reminds of the WWE Raw TV spectacles.

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