Who is joey greco dating

But when you look past the crazy feuds and wacky on-screen drama, what you're left with is a pretty sexist show that does nothing more than reaffirm long outdated gender stereotypes. A bunch of crazy women with obvious insecurities competed for the chance to have their dream weddings and, yes, plastic surgery makeovers. As luck would have it, Fox never aired the special again. This particular Fox reality-competition series featured two new "ugly ducklings" every week who underwent some form of plastic surgery to make themselves look "better." Then, the winner of the two would go on to compete in a beauty pageant to win the coveted title of .Among the show's most infamous judges was actor Lorenzo Lamas, who used a lazer pointer to point out each contestant's flaws.

The only catch is that Babe must be married within 30 days if she is to collect the cash.Beyond the gross premise, the show has been criticized for a number of questionable moments, including one episode in which host Joey Greco was allegedly stabbed by a cheater caught in the act.We say allegedly, because , which was supposed to follow the life of rapper Shawty Lo, his ten baby mamas, and their 11 children.Naturally, people threw a fit about the show and, amid heated controversy, Oxygen was forced to pull the plug before it could even test the waters.As a result, millions of brain cells were saved across America.

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