Who is john abraham dating

John revealed in an interview that when Alan was studying in France, he was approached for a French film, which he went on to turn down.

John’s father and brother recently won an award for designing John’s office and John went on to proclaim his pride in his brother on Twitter.

Post-marriage, the new Mr and Mrs Abraham had a long-distance marriage for over a year, as she pursued further studies.

Last heard, she had finished her academic vocations and has moved into the city full-time, but you’d never know it. have been through my process in this industry, in life and I think the righteous way to go about a relationship in the future is by absolutely — I wouldn’t say — not commenting, but by being really private.

Priya is not very familiar with the Bollywood scene and has to date, preferred to give no interviews.

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When John married Priya Runchal, it was again he who came out with a statement saying that he was very happy to welcome the new addition to the family.

In a rare interview, she had commented that she would like a homely, understanding and caring girl for her son, during the period John was in a relationship with Bipasha.

John Abraham’s elder brother is Alan Abraham who is an architect and photographer and is part of his father’s AJ architecture firm.

John even has the Parsi name of Farhan, which was given to him by her side of the family.

Since his paternal relatives were mostly abroad, it was his mother’s side of the family who probably influenced him more.

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