Who is tinchy stryder dating

They were younger than me so I didn’t think anything would come of it, but Archie’s dad, Norman, gave him a bit of money to help him out and he started putting on club nights and then he signed me.

At the start we were small and had no money but it got to the stage where my name was bigger than their label, so I left and signed up with Universal Island.

His new single, Bright Lights, featuring Pixie Lott, is out on February 27.

Routine I don’t have a typical day but if I don’t have to get up for anything I don’t wake up before 10am.

Liberal support I played a show in Norwich, where I met these two guys, Jack and Archie.

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Fans When I was just becoming well-known, I was coming out of a shop and this girl grabbed my hand and then froze.

If I’m not on tour I’ll go to the studio and work all day and then go out to eat.

On tour I eat a lot of Nando’s, but most of all I like going home to my mum’s for some Ghanaian food – I was born in Ghana and my family are from there.

Success I got this plaque (pictured) when sales of Number 1 reached 400,000.

When I got it, I thought ‘woah’, because I remember getting excited when my CD sold only 1,000.

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