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It makes me wonder if pre-industrial societies had it right when men and women didn’t expect their mates to be their best friends, and instead found companionship with same-sex friends 2) The way that women get blamed simply for being women and having some emotional needs to–guess what? According to Carter, men want to be with a “cool girl” and a “cool girl is basically someone who is unpredictable, fun, emotionally balanced, has no insecurities, easygoing, and independent.” Ummm, is this true? This marketing campaign is obviously aimed at a very mainstream, middle American audience.Are there really that many men who prefer not to deal with emotions at all?Eben is currently offering a home study course for 1997 usd, albeit with all sorts of material, but yet, some other producers of similar goodies, do it for 100 to 500 usd.

I don't mean copying their stuff, that's plagiarism.

Hi everyone, Over the years I've indulged myself in reverse engineering different successful people's businesses. Here are some photos that illustrates the lengths that I go to in order to figure out what such a successful website owner does.

I've even gone to the lengths of buying several of his niche products to figure out his marketing sequences, product quality, where his upsells are, and so forth.

David De Angelo), the multimillionaire owner of Double Your (and 9 other niche websites) is one guy that I've followed extra closely.

This strategy has paid off big time over the years and I now own several 7 figure websites.

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