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The gender divide was much larger than the generation divide. So many people are quick to write ghosting off as being cowardly behavior, but it can also be that the decision to ghost is informed by larger gender norms.

In fact, millennials, Generation Xers, and Baby Boomers all ghosted with very similar frequency. Women often find it more difficult to be confrontational than men — not because we're cowards, but because, basically, society tells us to keep our mouth shut and not to upset anyone.

Sure, ghosting someone isn't the dream, but it's easy to see how it happens, especially when women aren't trained with the vocabulary to assert themselves or refuse men (and men aren't trained to accept a woman's decision, either).

Even though we know it might not be the ideal thing to do in the long run, many of us are stuck, conflicted by an urge and duty to be upfront and a socialized obligation not to refuse men."I definitely resonate with our team's findings," Corie Colliton, creative strategist at Credit Loan, tells Bustle.

And if we feel awkward about politely refusing someone who harasses us for our number in a bar, it's a lot more complicated when it comes to telling someone we've gone out with a few times that we're no longer interested.

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In a society where as women, we're told to always be grateful for every scrap of male attention, it can still feel uncomfortable turning it down.Whether you’re looking for Korean, Chinese, or Japanese men or women in your neighborhood, you can be assured that e Harmony’s membership pool is a racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse group of quality individuals.No matter what type of person you are looking for, whether an Asian single in San Francisco or an Asian single in Honolulu, chances are you will find them on e Harmony. If you would like to date Asian women or Asian men specifically, make sure to adjust your criteria to reflect this preference.Now that it's 2018, we've gotten used to ghosting, aka pulling the disappearing act to break things off with someone, as an unfortunate but all-too-present part of dating.And when we wonder why people ghost, we normally reach to easy answers.

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