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Please keep us updated I have waited much longer than 15 minutes with no loading.Also, I doubt that the dealer would replace the entire unit if a wait would solve the problem.Pop Sirius XM Hits 1 | Venus (Sirius XM) | Sirius XM Spotlight | '50s on 5 | '60s on 6 | '70s on 7 | '80s on 8 | '90s on 9 | Pop2K | Pitbull's Globalization | The Coffee House | The Pulse | The Blend | Pop Rocks | Sirius XM Love | Caliente | Celebrate!| Road Trip Radio | The Covers Channel | ONEderland | Velvet (Sirius XM) | Neil Diamond Radio | Elevations | Oldies Party | '70s/'80s Pop | '80s/'90s Pop | Carolina Shag Radio Rock The Beatles Channel | Elvis Radio | E Street Radio | Underground Garage | Pearl Jam Radio | Grateful Dead Channel | Radio Margaritaville | Classic Rewind | Classic Vinyl | Deep Tracks | The Spectrum | Jam On | The Loft | Tom Petty Radio | The Bridge (Sirius XM) | 1st Wave | Lithium | Sirius XMU | Alt Nation | Octane | Ozzy's Boneyard | Hair Nation | Liquid Metal | Sirius XM Turbo | Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio | Yacht Rock Radio | Rock Bar | Faction | Sirius XM Comes Alive!Hopefully enough people complain about this issue and a recall is initiated.I personally think its a software problem and my require replacement, but we'll see.Ok so you're saying that it's stuck on the 'loading' message?

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Other potential issues and troubleshooting tips are provided below.When someone says "ping" I think of it as a signal being sent downstream to a device and that device responds back with some information.In the case of XM I think Refresh is the better term, a one-way signal sent to a device to make that device perform a function.Guess I need to record all my presets other set-up info. He replaced the unit already and it still happens on power up or if the unit is powered off then on.In closing, it may be a xm satellite problem rather than a headunit problem.

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