Younger women are intimidating dating game bundy

The #Me Too movement began, I thought, primarily to allow women to speak out about harassment from men, which they had previously found too intimidating to declare openly.

What is striking is how quickly it has turned into a row between women.

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The combative 78-year-old Germaine Greer, for example, has long been deemed philosophically flawed by younger feminists because of her view that trans women are not ‘real’ women.Overnight, Ansari, thus far a vocal supporter of #Me Too, suddenly found himself a poster boy for a heated international debate about the precise point at which bad, sad sexual experiences become a form of assault.The fallout will certainly be damaging, if not fatal, to his career.She alleged that, in his apartment, he had been indecently persistent in pestering her for various forms of sex, even after she had sought to make it clear she was not enjoying events (despite engaging in oral sex).Eventually Grace left his apartment, and sent Ansari an upset text the next day explaining that he had ‘failed to read her non-verbal cues’. Grace went on to write an extremely detailed, angry account of the evening for a website called

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